Recruit social practice volunteers
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In order to thoroughly study and implement General Secretary Xi Jinping's speech at the Peking University Memorial Day commemorating the 95th anniversary of the May 4th Movement, a "last mile" for practicing the core values of socialism, realizing the great "Chinese dream" and serving agriculture, rural areas and farmers, Actively participate in agricultural modernization and help the growth of college students, by the Fujian Agriculture and Forestry University Youth League and the International Institute of magnesium nutrition jointly launched the establishment of science training camp.

Science camp relying on the International Magnesium Institute of Nutrition, the superior conditions, and strengthen occupational demand-oriented, highlighting the skills practice. Train and promote case teaching and industry chain seminars, regularly invite foreign senior experts to train students participating in training camps. Campers by the school multidisciplinary team of mentors and base common practice teacher guidance. In accordance with the "practice - theory - practice" three-stage model in science and technology small institutes, research institutes, enterprises and institutions and other relevant departments for practical research and professional skills training, quickly familiar with the actual production needs, and actively organize campers to participate in the "Summer Social Practice "," Challenge Cup for Undergraduates "," Science and Technology III Going to the Countryside "and" Precise Poverty Alleviation ". We will conduct research on the demand for industrial technologies in response to the actual problems in modern agricultural industry so as to cultivate students with solid theoretical foundation and professional practical skills. To vocational demand-oriented and develop students' professional ability. On this basis, through organizing special training to promote the convergence of education and professional qualifications, to enhance the employment competitiveness of students, scientific training camp staff equipped with mentors or co-mentoring with excellent teachers and tutors, is responsible for guiding students Professional Development, Learning Process, Scientific Research and Career Planning.

In response to the school's call to actively carry out the "three countryside" summer social practice, this summer IMI organized three "three to the countryside" practice team. Participate in the summer social practice activities is an excellent opportunity to deepen the society, in-depth rural areas, cognitive national conditions, to accept exercise, the young people of a new era of agricultural universities have the courage and perseverance to dare to the world first, the sky, down-to-earth, pragmatic and realistic Play a responsible, scientific and hard work, join the three rural areas, truly make an important contribution to the development of agriculture. As a new generation of "new, green, agricultural" agroforestry young, you dare to accept the challenge? Now science camp recruit 15 members to the school, after summer practice training, assessment will be the first batch of scientific training camp campers.

1. The theme of the event

"Agriculture farmers, agriculture, rural areas and farmers"

2. The responsible unit

Fujian Agriculture and Forestry University Youth League, International Institute of magnesium nutrition

3. The recruitment target

Fujian Agriculture and Forestry University full-time graduate students and undergraduates.

Recruitment requirements: cheerful outgoing, good image, clear thinking, hard-working, strong execution, good communication skills.

4. The activities of the task

Investigate design and implementation, write intern logs, take photos in the field, compile survey reports and write press releases.

5. Recruitment links

To declare the review (June 23 - June 25) :Interested parties may submit the application form (see attachment) to the team captain's mailbox of your choice during the reporting period, and one person will register only one unit.

Interview (June 26) :Applicants who pass the examination and approval process will be informed of the interview and the place of interview will be notified separately.

Training : Training is divided into pre-line and summary training. Pre-departure training took place before the research team set out, including survey content, sampling, precautions and safety; summary training was conducted after the survey, including data processing, sample testing and analysis (plant + soil, Sample project), research report writing and so on.