Global recruitment notice for IMI
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International Magnesium nutrition Institute (International Magnesium Institute, IMI for short) was established in September 2016, the German potash K + S group and fujian agriculture and forestry university cooperation.IMI with magnesium plant nutrients, especially magnesium and other trace elements and other nutrients in the interaction process as the main research object, aims to make up for the lack of trace nutrition research in both at home and abroad is less, deepening the research on mechanism of plant nutrition, nutrition regulation pathway, technology and product innovation, to carry out the knowledge popularization, technology transfer and technical services, to cultivate a new generation of business combination of comprehensive talents of workers and peasants, formed based on plant nutrition and application research, the theory and practice for the advantage of combining the international research institute. Due to the need for development, the institute is now recruiting high-level talents for the global public.

1. Full-time deputy director

Post requirements: Five years to build a research team with a certain reputation at home and abroad; To promote the leap-forward development of the Institute and enhance the international reputation of the Institute; Full-time to study the work;

Application conditions: Ph.D., with more than two years of overseas study experience in plant nutrition at home and abroad have a stronger influence and better scientific research management capabilities. Proficient in English, German speakers can give priority to, good health; Distinguished professors of the Changjiang Scholars, winners of the National Outstanding Youth Fund, national candidates for the "Thousand Talents Project", recipients of the National Outstanding Youth Fund, and top-notch talents for the million-plan youth. Other high-level talents both at home and abroad shall comply with the "Type I, Type II or Type III personnel" identified in the "Measures for the Introduction and Administration of High-level Talents of Fujian Agriculture and Forestry University (Trial)".

The basic treatment: According to the fujian agriculture and forestry university high-level talent introduction and management approach "( for recognition of conform to" the first and the second or third class talent "requires the introduction of talent, enjoy family allowance, scientific research activation fee accordingly, transitional housing, such as schools provide treatment, salary negotiable (500000-1 million).

2. Full-time researcher

Post requirements: Under 40, PhD; Class C high-level introduction of talents in Fujian Province.

The basic treatment: In line with the introduction of C-class high-level talent in Fujian Province, the various conditions of a meeting; Those who meet the requirements of high-level talent applicants such as Minjiang Scholars and Distinguished Professors of Jinshan Scholars, the Institute assists in declaring Minjiang Scholars and Jinshan Scholars Distinguished Professors, and gives corresponding treatment (the basic treatment + post allowance 80,000 yuan / Year), additional research start-up costs 50-100 million, laboratory space and research assistant.