about IMI
Brief Introduction

    Magnesium deficiency is an important factor limiting crop yield and quality. Thus, improving Mg nutrition of crops is of great importance for intensive agricultural production. The National Magnesium Network (NMN) was set up by the International Magnesium Institute (IMI) to conduct basic and applied research to improve crop Mg nutrition. Its fundamental research on physiological and molecular mechanisms of Mg uptake, transport and metabolism will provide a theoretical basis for the enhancement of crop quality and quantity. Its applied research is supported by Science & Technology Backyards and includes 21 crops across 15 provinces and cities in China. The objective of the applied research is to support regional investigations of soil and crop Mg status, inform integrated Mg management strategies and fertilizer recommendations, develop new Mg-fertilizer products, perform knowledge exchange, technology transfer and technical services, and cultivate a new generation of talented advisors and research scientists for the agricultural industry, businesses and academia.