IMI recruitment scientific research assistant announcement
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International Magnesium nutrition Institute (International Magnesium Institute, IMI for short) was co-founded by the German potash K + S group and Fujian Agriculture and Forestry University in September 2016. IMI aimed at magnesium plant nutrients, especially magnesium and other trace elements and other nutrients in the interaction process, covering the shortage of trace nutrition research in both at home and abroad, deepening the research on mechanism of plant nutrition, nutrition regulation pathway, technology and product innovation, carrying out the knowledge popularization, technology transfer and technical services, cultivating a new generation of business combination of comprehensive talents of workers and peasants, forming an international institute which based on plant nutrition and application research, and combing the theory and practice for its advantage. Due to the need for development, the institute is now recruiting high-level talents for the global public.

1. Commissioner of copywriting

Engaging in English literature translation work; Drafting and writing manuscript, responsible for content construction, special topic editing and editing of the Institute's homepage, content construction and release and maintenance of new media information terminals such as WeChat; carrying out cooperation with all units on agricultural extension services of agricultural propaganda work; Planning and organizing various research institute meetings and major events; integrated office business.

2. Field management and technical personnel

Engaging in the Institute of the daily management of experiment base; Responsible for the organization and implementation of the field experiment program, formulating the implementation plan for the field experiment, discovering and solving all kinds of unexpected problems encountered in the production in time, and ensure the effective implementation of the field experiment; responsible for the coordination of all aspects and ensure the smooth operation of the experimental base; The introduction of new technologies and new methods and promotion; Convening and organizing farmer training sessions.

The employee's treatment is implemented according to the salary and welfare standard of the personnel agent stipulated by Fujian Agriculture and Forestry University.

Resume, education certificate, degree certificate and award certificate and other related scanned documents will sent to before September 30, 2017, please indicate the email subject "apply for staff + name". We will make a preliminary examination of the application materials, and no further notice will be given to the applicants who are not in the interview process.

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