The first half of 2018 Work Summary Meeting of the NMN held in Shijiazhuang, Hebei
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The third seminar of the International Magnesium Institute (IMI) and National Magnesium Network (NMN) was held in ShijiazhuangHebei Provinceon 24th July.  The meeting lead by the Vice Director of IMI, Prof. Chunjian Li. IMI director, Academician Fusuo Zhang, the Chief Scientist Prof. Shiwei Guo, and other 50 participants from China Agricultural University(CAU), Nanjing Agricultural University(NAU), Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences' Tea, Hainan University, Guangdong Institute of Biological Engineering, Shihezi University, Kunming University of Science and Technology, Fujian agriculture and forestry university (FAFU) and K+S attended the meeting.

The meeting summarized the work of NMN in the first half of the year, and the participating units briefly reported the work progress. Except to carry out the work tasks as planned, NMN carried out various task smoothly such as the investigation of farmers, test demonstration and technical training. A total of 1,0087 soil sample data were obtained, 49 Mg fertilizer tests and 17 Mg level tests were conducted, and 24 summary reports have been submitted in 14 provinces and cities across the country.

Academician Fusuo Zhang acknowledged the progress of NMN's work in the first half of the year and put forward requirements for the work in the second half of the year. 1) be proactive to join the NMN seminar, share knowledge with young scientists, learn from each other and improve the level of scientific research; 2) strengthen the research work in practice, go into the field, find problems, put forward scientific hypotheses, through experimental verification, and to summarize, demonstrate and promote of the results in time; 3) expand the coverage of crops in typical areas, actively carry out training and observation activities, and conduct real-time reports; 4) refining common problems and summarizing common laws, Dr. Liangquan Wu and Zheng Wang should work with all units of the NMN to clarify the current situation of Mg nutrition in regional crops in China and make contributions to the green development of agriculture.

In addition, the meeting discussed the preparation progress of the 3
rd International Symposium on Magnesium, and welcome domestic and foreign peers to register and submit abstracts as soon as possible. It is expected to share the latest progress of Mg nutrition research with domestic and foreign peers in Guangzhou.

IMI Team in Shijiazhuang NMN meeting

Distribution of Mg fertilizer test sites of NMN in the first half of 2018