K+S Program in IMI
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     The K+S program of the IMI is a three-year master degree program administered jointly by the K+S Group from Germany and Fujian Agriculture and Forestry University (FAFU). The program provides students with opportunities to conduct joint training, using both national and international resources, to improve their interactions with industry. The goal of the program is to explore a new talent-cultivation model which will make students more attuned to sustainable agricultural development and the needs of the agricultural industry.
     Each student must meet the general University Graduate School requirements of FAFU. All new students and students approaching critical milestones (Proposal Defense, Qualifying Examination, Finishing Thesis or Dissertation) should consult appropriateadministrators to ensure that they are in compliance with relevant rules.

20 master students have been recruited

K+S supervisors-- About 10 young scientists with oversea experience

K+S class students went to large fertilizer industry 

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