Academic Activity
Academic Activity
The National Magnesium Network Online Salon (2020.07.10-2020.07.12)
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From July 10-12International Magnesium InstituteIMI)organized the online academic salon for summarizing the work of the National Magnesium NetworkNMN. The salon hosted by IMI Vice President Prof. Chunjian Li, 81 representatives from South China region, Yangtze River Basin and northern region of NMN to participant in this meeting.

The meeting are summarized the current experimental results and discussed in detail,including the five laws of crop magnesium nutrition, the critical value of soil magnesium deficiency in different soil-crop systems, critical magnesium deficiency value of crops, difference of magnesium fertilizer yield, recommended application amount of magnesium fertilizer etc. The experts presented valuable suggestions on the summary and arrangement of the experimental results and further clarified the work plan.

The outbreak of the COVID-19 in China this year did not affect the convening of the NMN summary meeting. Holding the online academic salon opens up a new way of exchange and learning from each other.

Pic 1: Group photo of participants in the South China region of NMN

Pic 2: Group photo of participants in the Yangtze River basin of NMN

Pic 3: Group photo of participants in the Northern region of NMN