The Cloud Graduation Ceremony of the Class of 2020 in IMI was Ended Successfully
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Last June, the campus was full of laughter and a bit of sadness. But this June, the campus was much quieter due to the threat of coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic.

Graduation season will not be delayed.

A quiet life still needs drama and ritual.

At 3:00 PM,3rd June 2020, 7 master students had received their graduation ceremony in an unusual way. 8 teachers and 7 graduates attended the graduation ceremony in the main venue, other IMI family members gathered through the cloud to witness this important moment.

Attendants leave their hand print an signature on message board in graduation ceremony main venue

IMI family members joined graduation ceremony online

IMI family members joined graduation ceremony online

Deputy Director of IMI, Prof. Chunjian Li delivered a graduation speech for these lovely graduates at first:

"In the past three years, you have spent three precious years of your lives doing scientific research. In the past three years, you have learnt the professional courses, participated in scientific research training, and improved your foreign language level. You went to the farm to experience the hardships of farmers. Although the time was not long but rewarding a lot. Compared to the experiments that you've done and the articles that have been published, your greater achievement was the cultivation and improvement of quality and ability, and set up the correct views of the world, outlook on life and values which will have an important impact on your future life.

Today, you have graduated from here and will go to different places. No matter you continues your study or start your job career, life is a long journey and you will face new difficulties and challenges daily. You shall keep learning, enrich and renew yourselves all the time. Working hard to reach your dreams and goals, also don’t forget to make a contribution to your great nation."

Prof. Li had just finished speaking, all people applauded. His affectionate words and ardent expectations, let the students online also on the scene. In the eyes of teachers, students are like their own children, constantly growing up, pinning their dreams and hopes.

However, three years of "short" together, does mentor really know the students? The second part of the graduation ceremony called “Guess Who it is”. The host described a student by one sentence, asked one mentor to guess who it is. Turned the traditional mentor's speech and graduate's speech into a fun and lively teacher-student interaction in the ceremony.
Before the words fell off, mentors was lost in thought but online message board became active.

      Online Message Board

Turning of the tassel ceremony is critical part of the graduation ceremony.  Instead of a real tassel ceremony, IMI has prepared a hand-painted piece for each graduate.

Hand-painted piece of each graduate

The mentors expressed their heartfelt feelings about the rush of time and the strength and affection brought to them by these graduates. They also hoped that the graduates could walk more and more smoothly on their road in the future, keep their original intention, running towards their dreams and striving forward.

Watching the wonderful interaction between mentors and students in the venue, the long-silent junior students of Year 1 and Year 2 also started to send their wishes and hopes through the cloud. They spontaneously organized and filmed the video clips for graduates over a month, which included countless bittersweet moments for everyone.

Video clips for graduates from Year 1 and Year 2 students

Xiuzhu Xu, a graduate of 2017(top), Doctoral student Zheng Wang (middle), Post Doc. Xiaohui Chen(bottom) were sending their blessing

The air was filled with laughter and tears. It is said that no tear is innocent, but such sad moments also mean that graduates are starting a new chapter in their lives, moving on from the past to the future. It is a time to raise a glass to toast.

The sky beckons you to spread your wings and fly;

The ocean calls you to set your sail;

The mountains inspire you to climb courageously;

The plains await your unrestrained direction;

Youth does not dissipate; the future awaits you.


  Group photo of graduates

The graduate representative spoke “it was a unique, happy and memorable graduation ceremony!”

Maybe the Cloud Graduation Ceremony is the first time and also the last one, but as a part of IMI culture, this innovative, happy, interesting and thoughtful form will continue. IMI family welcome graduates to return.