Discussion and demonstration on magnesium fertilizer experiment of rapeseed in Wuxue, Hubei Province
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With the aim of further understand the effect of magnesium fertilizer on field crop growth in the Yangtze River ValleyMarch 20-21, 2019, Professor Jianwei Lu of Huazhong Agricultural University organized a field demonstration of boron and magnesium fertilizer in rapeseed in Guotan Village, Wuxue, Hubei and a seminar on the effects of boron and magnesium on rapeseed growth in Huazhong Agricultural University. More than 60 domestic and overseas experts, technicians and representatives of fertilizer enterprises from related research fields participated in this activity.

On March 20, all participates travelled to Guotan village. The field rapeseed experiment there demonstrated that through the "two-reduction" technology (reduced the application of fertilizers and pesticides) and supplementary boron and magnesium fertilizer application, boron and magnesium deficiency symptoms in rapeseed plants could be significantly reduced. The obviously positive effects of nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium, boron and magnesium fertilizer on reducing nutrient deficient symptoms in plants were also observed.

A seminar of "Nutrient mechanism and efficient management of crop boron and magnesium" was held on March 21. The seminar invited Professor Ismail Cakmak of Sabanci University, Turkey, Professor Yuanmao Jiang of Shandong Agricultural University, a member of Ministry of agriculture and village scientific fertilization expert committee, Professor Chunjian Li, vice president of IMI and Chief Scientist Professor Shiwei Guo to attend and share the knowledge of boron and magnesium nutrition. The participants reached an agreement that in agricultural production, attention should be paid to the rational application of medium and microelement nutrients. The modern agricultural production goals of fertilizer reduce, yield increase, quality improvement and efficiency enhancement should be realized through the application of medium and trace element fertilizers together with NPK fertilizers.