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Academic Activity
2019 National Young Soil Scientists Conference-Magnesium Workshop (Bengbu, Anhui Province, 25th May, 2019)
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The 18th China Young Soil Scientists and the 13th China Young Plant Nutrition and Fertilizer Scientists Academic Conference was held in Bengbu, Anhui province on May 24-27, 2019. The International Magnesium Institute (IMI) organized the Magnesium Workshop in the Venue. On the evening of 25th May, IMI held a "Magnesium" event, IMI's Chief Scientist, Prof. Shiwei Guo from Nanjing Agricultural University (NAU) chaired the meeting, the meeting also invited Prof. Xiangdong Yang from Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences (CAAS), Prof. Caixia Dong from NAU, Associate Prof. Yong Li from Huazhong Agricultural University and Prof. Yi Zhou from Anhui Institute of Science and Technology as expert judges to give comments. There were 46 young scientists from different colleges and universities, scientific research units to attend the Magnesium Workshop and had depth communication.

The host Prof. Shiwei Guo pointed out that most people did not pay enough attention to the general deficiency of magnesium nutrition in agricultural production. The Magnesium event invited 8 outstanding young magnesium nutrition research scientists to present and discuss in the workshop. There are Dr. Min Wang from NAU, Dr. Zhifeng Lu from Huazhong Agricultural University, Dr. Gaoqiang Huang from Shenzhen K+S Trading Co., Ltd., and Dr Liangquan Wu, Dr. Chaoyuan Zheng, Dr. Jiuxin Guo, Dr. Delian Ye, Dr. Xiaohui Chen from IMI, Fujian Agriculture and Forestry University (FAFU). The topics covered in the report are comprehensive and rich (report title as below) which introduced the basic physiological functions of magnesium and its interaction with different elements and mechanism in detail. It also focused on magnesium status in soil-crop systems, shared the application effects of magnesium fertilizers in the field and how to apply magnesium fertilizer scientifically by choosing the appropriate magnesium fertilizer products and soil microbial fertilizers. The research progress of magnesium nutrition in citrus and rape and the importance of magnesium in human nutrition were presented in depth. The report was highly appreciated by the judges and participants.


Appendix 1

Magnesium Workshop Topics:

  1. Dr. Delian Ye, IMI FAFU Physiological functions and resistant effects of magnesium to different abiotic stresses and foliar magnesium application
  2. Dr. Min Wang, NAU  Magnesium interacts with other elements
  3. Dr. Chaoyuan Zheng, IMI FAFU Effects and functions of magnesium on soil microorganisms 
  4. Dr. Liangquan Wu, IMI FAFU  Current situation of soil magnesium nutrition and scientific application of magnesium fertilizer in China
  5. Dr. Jiuxin Guo, IMI FAFU  Magnesium nutrition in citrus
  6. Dr. Zhifeng Lu, Huazhong Agri. University     Magnesium nutrition characteristics and related physiological progresses in brassica napus
  7. Dr. Gaoqiang Huang, Shenzhen K+S Trading Co., Ltd. Application status of magnesium fertilizer at home and abroad and potential demand of magnesium fertilizer in China
  8. Dr. Xiaohui Chen, IMI, FAFU Neglected human magnesium nurtrition

Appendix 2

Graduate students Report on 2019 National Young Soil Scientists Conference

  1. Fertilizer development and scientific application session: 

         Zheng Wang, IMI FAFU           

         Research status of magnesium nutrition in soil-crop system and effects of magnesium supplementation in China

      2. Plant nutrition and soil health session:

          Zican Huang, IMI FAFU            

          Soil Mg status in Oolong Tea plantations and yield responses to Mg application

          Xiangming Meng, IMI FAFU    

             Magnesium absorption and distribution in greenhouse sweet pepper


        3. Soil resources and sustainable use session:

              Huanhuan Chen, FAFU               

              Effects of nitrogen form and dosage on growth and nitrogen uptake of citrus